Pain Management Consultants
Site Overview: Pain Management Consultants is a multi-site pain clinic located in Portland, Oregon. This clinic's 3 providers offer specialized pain management care and utilize the Aprima software system. Contact them at 503-292-7005 or visit their website at



Bend Urology Associates

Site Overview: Bend Urology is a multi-site Urology Clinic with 10 providers serving central Oregon. Doctors Park Surgery Center is also located in the main building and networked together with the clinic. Site supports 5 servers and more than 60 workstations in a mixed Windows and Unix platform. Contact Angela Jordan (Administrator) at 541-330-7407. Website


To Whom It May Concern:


It is my pleasure to write a letter of reference for Phokis, Inc. Phokis, Inc. has been handling our IT needs since 2001 and we have had complete confidence and satisfaction with the services provided. Our Network has been maintained with little to no disruption and down time.


Phokis, Inc. has the ability to understand your business needs and then build the platform that is best suited for the environment with room for growth of the system. Phokis Inc., is a company that can strategically help you meet your IT needs in a way that takes eliminates the “IT Headache”.


Phokis, Inc. offers full solutions for all types of IT needs and we highly recommend them for any IT project from system design to troubleshooting.




Angela Jordan, CMPE





Occupational Orthopedics

Site Overview: Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in Work Comp sector. Multi-site organization with a progressive IT strategy. Contact Dr. John DiPaola at 503-885-7770. Website

Dear Damon:


I would like to thank you for your many years of faithful service.  I have valued your knowledge, honesty, work ethic, and the integrity of your product.


You have assisted me through transitions between Windows platforms, Unix platforms, and some Apple-based productivity tool integration into my practice.


I would welcome the opportunity to recommend your services without reservation to any persons or businesses interested in utilizing your expertise and abilities.


Thank you for the excellent care and service.




John Di Paola, M.D. 

Orthopedic Surgeon 

(Electronic signature – reviewed)


D:  02/08/09 

T:  02/09/09


Natural Physicians

Site Overview: Natural Physicians clinic servicing the greater Portland area. This clinic's network consists of a mixed platform of UNIX and Windows servers. Contact Dr. David Milroy at 503-363-6868. Website

Phokis, Inc.
Damon Jones

RE: Letter of Recommendation


To whom it may concern,


Damon Jones has provided our technical design and support since 1998 when we opened as a very small office sharing space.  We had no “network” at that time but we did begin searching for an EMR to meet our needs. 


We currently have 2 locations which are interconnected seamlessly, 2 servers (windows and Unix) and multiple work stations.  Damon has designed, installed and maintained an exceptional system that gives us the confidence to be “paper less”. 


Without hesitation I would encourage you to use Damon’s services if you want straightforward knowledge and support for a system that you can rely on to run your critical business operations day in and day out, year after year.


Technology has changed a lot over the years and medical technology is even worse but Damon has always been one step ahead of any problems and has even taken advantage of the changes to make my system better.  




David Milroy, DC, ND








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