Is your WiFi and your Network Secure? 


Most likely not as secure as you think! The truth is over 60% are not.


Here’s the truth about the Myths going around about WiFi and network security.


My WiFi has a password so it’s secure. Nothing could be more untrue about this statement. WiFi security protocols come in different types, most of which are easy for hackers to crack your password. We can make sure your equipment is properly configured so your password can not be cracked.


Hacking takes expensive equipment and a computer guru, so I’m safe. Ignorance is bliss and ten years ago this might have been a true statement. Truth is today anybody with a $150 laptop, free software and an hour on YouTube can easily hack into a poorly configured network. Our testing process will show just how easy it can be and how to properly secure your network.


Even if they get my WiFi password all they can do is use my internet. Oh my favorite myth of all time. Again, not true and your identity could be the least you lose. Once a hacker gets into your network any computers or devices using that internet connection, either wired or wireless, are fair game. At a very minimum they can watch all of your internet browsing and easily obtain all of your online passwords. Even “secure” sites like your bank are easy prey. Businesses using online credit card processing are at high risk, ask us why. The good news is it can be secured and we know how.


I have really good Antivirus software so I’m safe. Although AV software is a big part of network security, studies have shown that 60% of all virus go undetected. Also in a targeted attack like we are discussing here the rate is almost 100%. In addition, Windows has hundreds of weaknesses that have been identified by the hacking community with new ones found all the time. Microsoft fixes them eventually, but if you’re not up to date you may still be at risk.


My internet provider or IT guy setup my WiFi access point so I know it’s safe. I really wish this was the case but here’s the truth, the oldest and least secure wireless security protocol is what most internet providers setup by default. Why? Because all of the old wireless equipment will work with it so they avoid costly service calls and complaints from end users that can’t connect to the WiFi. Convenience always wins against security. Yes, it may take an extra few minutes to setup or a little more money to replace some aging equipment, but you have to ask is losing my identity, my credit card numbers, access to my bank accounts and social networking accounts really not worth it? Let us show you how easy it really is to protect you, your family, and your business.


I’m not going to pay just to find out I really am secure.  We totally agree and this is why we offer a FREE scan of your WiFi. Yes, you read correctly it is FREE so you can only benefit from having the tests done. If we do find any security problems we will offer solutions and pricing, a small token compared to the possible damages done by your local hacker.  


Call today for more information on how we can help protect your valuable information. We will be happy to meet with you and discuss our services in detail.

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